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            «Maksimka» founded in 2007 as a wholesale company.

            We are a regular participant of exhibitions «BABY EXPO» and «BABY FASHION», conducted by "ACCO International" in Kyiv.

            Previously we were engaged in retail trade ourselves. Therefore, we know well the needs of retail customers. We are not divorced from reality, as most of the wholesale companies that sell only wholesale.

            We were very often treated moms and dads asking anything to sell their beloved child. And we thought "Why not ....".

            Therefore we renew our work with retail buyers in our online store.

            So, welcome to shop, loving parents and grandparents, and anyone else who wants to see their children happy and beautiful. 

            We have great respect for people who love their children. Because only love for our children inspired us to this children's clothing business.


            Our main goal is wholesale on this site!

            Wholesalers will need to contact us to find wholesale prices.

            As before we try to make a range of your stores more complete, more diverse, competitive and sold well.

            We strive to offer our customers only what we like ourselves - a quality, beautiful product of proven brand names at reasonable prices.

            We strive to ensure that our product was an exclusive, imported to Ukraine only by us, and in small batches.

            And more …

            We have no problem selling you a product and forget about it. But the main thing for us - it is that you come to us again and again:)

We wish a successful cooperation with you!

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